i8 Massager Premium Collection

One of our Best Sellers. Portable TENS Stimulating Massager for acute and chronic pain relief.
– 1 x i8 Massager
– 1 x Physiotherapy Belt
– 1 x Reflexology Slippers

R 4,800.00

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Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy involves the use of low-voltage electric currents to treat pain. The i8 Massager activates the natural pain gate mechanism to relieve pain and muscle tension while you relax in the comfort of your own home.


8 Preprogrammed Modes: Pushing, Acupuncture, Tapping, Scraping, Cupping, Random, Body Building, Combination.
10 Level Intensity:  Adjustable 10 level intensity to suit your personal level of comfort.
Rechargeable Battery: Up to 4-6 hours continuous use after charge. Includes AC Adapter & USB cable so you can charge your i8 Massager wherever you are.
Dual Output Design: 2 output ports allow for usage of 4 pads simultaneously. In the box you get 4 large pads and 4 small pads.
Portable to carry everywhere, FDA approved.

Contraindications: Do not use this device if you have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator, or other implanted metallic or electronic device. Read user manual before using this device.

Package Includes:

– 1 x i8 Massager
– 1 x Physiotherapy Belt
– 1 x Reflexology Slippers

– 1 x USB Charging Cable
– 1 x AC/DC adapter (2 point)
– 1 x 2pcs Large Pads
– 1 x Pad Sticking Board
– 1 x Instruction Manual
– 1 x Acupuncture Point Chart
– 2 x Double Electrode Connection Cables


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