Physiotherapy Gloves

Physiotherapy gloves can be used to treat various painful hand conditions, to improve poor blood circulation and for facial massage to reduce wrinkles and add moisture.
To be used in combination with the i8 or i12 Massager.

R 1,500.00

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Pain relief massager gloves are used to reduce pain and relax muscles. 

– Pain Therapy (TENS)
– Assists in treating Arthritis of the hand, Raynauds Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, General pain in the hand and Poor circulation
– Can be used for facial massage
– Safe, reliable and durable

Package Includes:
– 1 x Physiotherapy Gloves

Please note that this item is sold as an accessory. You will need to have purchased either the i8 or i12 massager prior to using this item.


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