Facial Massage Therapy Device

Beautify the skin using ultrasound massage, eliminate wrinkles (continuous exposure mode), providing healthy, soft and flexible skin. The only device currently on the market with a face lifting function.

R 30,000.00

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Beautify the skin using ultrasound massage.

– Combines 3 technologies into 1 device for a powerful, painless and effective method of stimulating dermal activity that is easy to use
– The only device currently on the market with a face lifting function which, when used on your facial acupressure points in a circular motion, will help to fend off unwanted wrinkles and tone sagging facial muscles
– Helps to penetrate waves deep into your own skin to stimulate dermal activity by increasing new collagen production and tightening collagen fibres to improve skin tone and texture, tighten skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles
– With the powerful galvanic functions, you can rest assured your skin is the cleanest it can be
– The ION+ function will pull dirt and other debris out from deep within your pores while the ION-function pushes active ingredients found in your skin care moisturises and serums deep into your skin, thereby improving the effectiveness of your favourite beauty products
– Diminish inflammation, wrinkles, tightens skin and encourages production of new skin cells
– Calms and balances the skin tone and encourages even pigment production which will leave the skin looking even and bright

Package Includes:
– 1 x Facial Massager
– 1 x UV Protection Goggles
– 1 x USB Wall Charger(2 Point)
– 1 x USB charging cable
– 1 x Instruction Manual
– 1 x Pack of Sponge Pads


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